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Accelerate Uptown's Mission is to foster economic equity with a focus on women and minority owned businesses,  through entrepreneurship,  advancing careers in technology and supporting the transition of our reentry community from prison to life.   We further work with community partners to support the  health and well being our members through support groups, yoga, health and fitness programs.

Set up no cost 1 hour coaching session

4 sessions available at no cost each month

Accelerate Uptown Team

  Ronnie's House

Ronnie's House is a 501c dedicated to the memory of Ronnie Senegal that is focused on economic equity and mental health services to underserviced communities.  Ronnie's House collabrates with community and goverment agencies to provide the tools, education to create an equitable playing field.


Led by Doctor Wade, CSLUB Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship provides Academic support to Accelerate Uptowns Members.

  City of Long Beach Economic Development Department

Led by John Keisler, the Economic Development is a support of the programming at Accelerate Uptown.

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